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 Essential Validation Services (EVS) is a third-party independent laboratory specializing in affordable quality assurance essential oil testing, creating transparency throughout the supply chain and ensuring integrity within the essential oil industry. Know your oils are pure by GCMS Testing all of your products.

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3rd Party Verification

We believe that trust is built on integrity, so as a third party lab, we are uncompromisingly:

  • Outside the Supply Chain
  • Free from Conflicts of Interest
  • Removed from Industry Entanglements
  • Qualified and Specialized

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We partner with:

  • Institutions – University of Florida
  • Specialists and other 3rd party labs
  • Recognized Standardization Bodies - ISO, AFNOR, IFRA

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Here at EVS we are dedicated to helping you know for certain that the Essential Oils you buy are not adulterated and are always genuine. We use GCMS to analyse each batch of oil sent and we will let you know everything we find!

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